Insulin and Inflammation

28-01-2014 15:09:31
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trehalose inflammation c reactive proteinFor some years there has been a gradual dawning of an interesting, even worrying, link between the amount of Insulin in our bodies and inflammation.  Much work has been done to understand the linkage but the evidence is clear - high levels of Insulin = high levels of inflammation.  The marker, high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP), has been shown to be a very good measure of inflammation.  If you eat a diet rich in simple carbohydrates then your body will produce high levels of Insulin which leads to high levels of inflammation and illnesses like Arthritis, heart disease and many others.

So the advice is very simple:

  • switch to a low GI diet
  • manage your blood glucose levels with diet and exercise rather than relying on Insulin
  • eat foods that don't contribute to the glucose load in your blood

Trehalose, having very little impact on blood glucose levels, is a great alternative to sugars and sweeteners like aspartame, nutrasweet etc.

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