Many people are constantly seeking ways to maintain, or even improve, their health and there is a move away from using table sugar, caster sugar, granulated sugars because of the potentially bad health issues related to frequent or excessive use.

Trehalose is a fascinating sugar in that it seems to have no downsides when used in baking.  It is a little like caster sugar in texture and appearance and can be used interchangeably in plcae of sugar in any recipe. It does however reduce the overall sweetness by some 60%.

The recipes we have put together are all ones that we have tried and have been proven to work. You may need to adjust the cooking times and temperatures and get used to the fact that Trehalose doesn't brown like sucrose. Cakes baked with Trehalose tend to be paler and maybe a little more dense - use a touch more baking powder if you want but remember too much and it will cause the cake to sink.

We have used Trehalose in bread making for many years and given that brewers years has traces of trehalose naturally it is little surprise that the yeast works just as well.

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