Trehalose 2.5kg Bulk Pack

  • Trehalose 2.5kg Bulk Pack
  • Trehalose 2.5kg Bulk Pack
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Trehalose is a plant sugar that has huge potential to benefit health.

  1. it doesn't raise blood glucose or insulin levels
  2. it doesn't cause tooth decay
  3. it doesn't lead to weight gain
  4. it is free from chemicals

Trehalose has been shown to benefit:

  1. athletes when used in sports drinks to aid blood sugar stability, energy levels and endurance
  2. people with all manner of neurological challenges - the exact mechanisms are still being researched
  3. people who struggle with low energy levels
  4. people who struggle with weight control

Recommendations for use:
up to 6 teaspoons per day used in drinks, sprinkled on food or even eaten directly off the spoon

Trehalose is being used by an ever growing number of people who are conscious of their health.

This larger pack of Trehalose has been created for family use, for people who want the convenience of fewer deliveries or simply want to make use of better value.

Trehalose is extremely flexible in use and can be a direct substitute for table and caster sugar, without any modifications, in about 95% of applications. There are a few recipes that don't seem to work well with trehalose. Just a couple that don't work well are merangues and fruit jams (when used at 100% trehalose it sets like rock) - 10% trehalose improves flavour and firmness. Lemonade, Trehalose maccaroons, biscuits and cakes are all perfect but you may have to play around withe temperatures and cooking times. 

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